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We can't wait for you to get updated with all that the incredibly musically talented Jess Novak has been up to! From her latest album drop to dropping gems, you don't want to miss this one!

Jess! Your new album 'Standing Now' is incredible! What was the best part of recording it?

This was the first Jess Novak Band album with this lineup and it was long overdue. JNB recorded Fireworks & Fairytales in 2017, then I released a solo album in 2018 and a duo album in 2019. It was time to get back to the band. So, my favorite part of recording was sitting in a room with Byron, Anthony, Jabare, Nick and Gavin and just having everyone contribute. Every single person in the band has such a different and incredible background, so to have them all put a piece of themselves into the CD, not just in the notes they played, but in the arrangements, the riffs, the backing vocals, everything - it was really tremendous. I feel so lucky that I have a band that is THAT good to be able to take a simple song and make it so much more than I ever could have imagined. They inspire me to be better just to keep up with all of them.

Were there any challenges with the album?

Oh my God, yes. First, we recorded as much as we could live, meaning the whole band was playing together and we used a ton of those live captures. But, I had NO voice. I was so incredibly sick and was so scared because we were recording on a Saturday and Sunday - and I left for a solo tour on Monday. Luckily, and miraculously, somehow I got through the weekend and the tour, but it was terrifying. Normally, I like to give my all even in the scratch tracks to provide that energy, but it was so difficult. ...And on top of that there was also a blizzard during that first weekend of recording AND just as we were getting close to completion in March - the world shut down because of COVID. it was a perfect storm of disasters and yet somehow, the album came out just as it was supposed to.

Do you get writer's block? Is there a way you are able to power through that if you do?

I'm a big believer in not forcing writing. If you're forcing - you're not going to get anything worthwhile. Artists are channels for something far grater and beyond them. Writing is all about opening up that path and letting it flow. So, usually if I'm having a down day, week, month - I just wait, let myself experience some life and then try again. Usually reading a book, watching a movie, going on a trip - these things help me restart. I feel like if you get in a rut either in life or in writing, you just need to shake things up. I also like changing perspective in my songs. I have a ton that are very personal, but I also have some that are about friends or characters I see or read about. These songs allow me to get out of myself and to write some fiction, which is also helpful. When you feel bound to your story, it can be stifling. Sometimes you need to have a little fun with exaggeration or storytelling without being confined.

Where do you want to take your music in 2021?

I have a ton of material out right now, so this year I want to take it further. I want more ears to hear what I've already produced and take my time putting out the next. I stream on Twitch five days a week and my favorite part of that has been regularly reaching people around the world when I stream. I want to keep doing that and keep expanding that. While many things have been restricted during the pandemic, some things have really grown. Suddenly, musicians can connect with the world from their living room. That's incredible.

How do our followers keep up with you and your rad music?

Twitch, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are my main avenues to communicate with fans and listeners and I'm always posting updates there. If you want to hear me live - check If you want to catch some videos - try Facebook. If you want frequent updates, see my Instagram stories and Twitter. My recorded music is everywhere, but I've always got a project going, so it's fun for my listeners to keep up. You'll never get bored! twitter and instagram @jessrock87

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