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Album Review: Gabba Releases New Album Pack My Bags

By Colin Naughton

Rock artist Gabba released her new album Pack My Bags on April 16th, 2021. The opening track, “Gold Coast” has psychedelic rock undertones to it. Right from the start the music is great with really rockin’ guitar playing, rhythmic drumming driving the soul of the track and perfect vocals that give me kind of like a Janis Joplin vibe to them. The vocals are emotionally drawn out with dark mysterious vibes to them. It’s a very strong track to begin the album with.

“The Waves” is a more heartfelt, joyful and cheerful track. The fast paced drumming sets the stage for an upbeat happy song. The guitar playing in the background as well as the keyboard playing are both great in creating this chill vibe. I just picture myself listening to this song on the beach as I lay in the sun and let my worries float away with the music. “Lemon and Cilantro” continues with this chill surf rock kind of vibe creating relaxing feelings for listeners. “The Dive” emites real rock and roll sounds with awesome guitar playing with soulful solos in the middle and end of the track. The vocals are perfectly executed to match the rock and roll theme, creating an energetic, blood pumping, foot tapping feeling.

“My Fear” reminds me of a classic 80’s pop rock song, with melodic guitar playing, rhythmic drumming to set the tone/feeling of the song while Gabba delivers a beautifully catchy hook with wonderfully delivered notes. “Wicked Witch” is the slowest, most emotional track on this album. You can feel the love and sadness in her voice, it’s truly beautiful. “Wicked Witch” shows Gabba’s versatility, she can do slow emotional songs, she can do upbeat rock and roll type songs and she can provide chill relaxing melodic catchy tracks.

Listening to Pack My Bags was the first time I had heard Gabba’s music and let me tell you I am definitely a fan! She is a rock artist that is bringing back the rock and roll of old but adding her own modern flair to it. The use of the drums, guitar and keyboards is fantastic providing awesome sounding melodies that are very pleasant and create the overall theme and vibe to each song. The vocals are exquisite. Gabba is extremely talented and is able to deliver beautiful lyrics on each song. I would highly recommend any true music fans to check out Gabba’s new album Pack My Bags, out April 16th, 2021. I guarantee you will enjoy it!

You can find her and her music on Instagram and Spotify!

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