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Album Review: Melissa Gail Klein Releases New Album “Crystalline Charm”

By Colin Naughton

Melissa Gail Klein released her debut album, Crystalline Charm, on October 29th, 2020. Based out of Austin, Texas, Melissa Gail Klein produces songs with catchy melodies paired with meaningful, thought provoking lyrics. Her music ranges from more Folk vibes to Alternative/Indie rock.

Crystalline Charm starts with a very cheerful track titled “Did I Wish.” The track has an indie rock flow to it incorporating catchy melodies and a chorus that you want to sing along to. The instrumentals for the song are upbeat and keep the energy high all throughout the song while Melissa Gail Klein delivers fantastic vocals. The album continues with these high energy, cheerful tracks that have both an indie rock vibe as well as folk tones. Melissa Gail Klein has such a beautiful voice it makes you want to sit back and just enjoy the music. Each track is paired with wonderful instrumentals and utilizes the sounds of many different instruments from guitar and drums to violin/fiddle, the flute and even a banjo. The song “Lapis” is a fully instrumental track as Gail Klein delivers a hauntingly enchanting flute solo, providing such a whimsical element to the record that really shows her talent as a musician.

The title track, “Crystalline Charm,” is possibly my favorite song of the album. Melissa Gail Klein slows things down, singing of love and life. The lyrics are welcoming, comforting and encouraging; telling listeners that through struggles you have to pick yourself up and everything will be alright. You just need to remember not to be so hard on yourself and that you deserve love. Her songs tell stories that can serve as a guide for listeners. Each song relates to a situation or lesson that most people might experience and they can take the lyrics to the heart. Crystalline Charm has songs that give such a warm, heartfelt and endearing feeling when you listen. Melissa Gail Klein has created a wonderful album with great music. I love the use of so many different instruments it gives such a deeper layer to the music as a whole. The lyrics are great, relatable and have real meaning. And the tones/vibes of the songs are true folk with hints of indie/alternative rock giving great energy. All in all it is a beautiful album and Melissa Gail Klein has real potential as she continues her young career as a musician and songwriter.

You can stream Crystalline Charm on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Melissa Gail Klein on Instagram and Facebook.

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