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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The ultra talented musician Brenna Beatty talks 'Martyr', releasing MORE music and feeling successful!

How are you kicking off your 2021 with your music?

With a brand new single!!! I’ve been in the studio weekly recording vocals and the song is finally ready! “All You Wanted”, out March 3, 2021.

'Martyr' is a great single! What was the inspiration behind it?

The story behind martyr is very personal to me. There was a period of time during 2020 when I had just moved back to Nashville and was feeling lonely, being unable to see friends and family. So this person I met just kind of integrated themselves into my life and my heart, and I couldn’t see their true intentions. I thought I had a best friend, someone who would die for me. But eventually I had to realize that it was all talk and they had been using me for much longer than I should have let them. “Martyr” kind of takes that experience and makes it into this like, surreal, dreamy song about trusting someone you know is lying to you.

Is there a goal by the end of this year that you have set for yourself professionally?

Yes! I plan to have released my very first full-length album by the end of 2021, and hopefully to get back out there performing, pandemic-permitted!

What do you attribute success to when it comes to being an artist?

I’ve always said this, since I first moved to Nashville. I remember I was playing at this RV park in Goodlettsville on weekends, the same place I was living. And I said to my family, “look at me! I’m following my dream!” I don’t think that getting caught up in ideals regarding money and lifestyle would ever be as helpful to me as an artist as living in the moment, appreciating every small success, and setting goals for myself, but not expectations for my future in a completely unpredictable industry. I consider myself successful as I am!

How can people keep up with you and listen to your music?

You can find my debut single, “Martyr”, on any digital music streaming platform, and on March 3rd you will be able to stream my new single “All You Wanted”! I’m @brennabeattymusic on Instagram, Brenna Beatty on YouTube, and @its_not_brenda on tiktok.

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