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Mizz (she/they) is a filmmaker, actor, musician and activist currently based in New York. In 2022 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Magna Cum Laude from NYU Tisch with a minor in Psychology. One of her life’s passions is to create art focused on inclusion and diversity as well as constructing safe spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ artists. Throughout her life she has travelled around the world including Malaysia, London and New York, hoping to bridge cultural gaps to cultivate more empathy and understanding within others.

With your latest projects, what has inspired you to innovate differently?

With the access to technology we have today, content is being created and consumed every second of the day whether that's tik tok or a feature film. I think that what people are able to create with however many resources they have is incredibly inspiring. As an emerging artist It's easy to feel stuck when waiting for the next opportunity but producing my own content from music videos to developing scripts allows me to exercise my creative muscle and pushes me to innovate the process of producing. Also, talking to other people in the industry and listening to the journey of their path always inspires me to think of new ideas to either grow my career or have a new approach to the way I create.

What tools do you use on a daily basis that apply to your career?

I think that the more I grow as a human being the better I get at creating art therefore, having tools that raise my energy and keep my mind healthy is important for me. Everyday I'll meditate, do yoga and journal. Also, the weather recently has always been lovely so going on walks and admiring the beauty around me sometimes sparks a few ideas.

What do you like to do outside of music that helps your acting process?

I like observing, taking a moment to quiet my mind and watch the world around me unfold gives me a perspective on the natural world. I think it's easy to get fixated on specific techniques and drive myself insane over one line from a script but watching how others behave under different circumstances and seeing how they deal with their everyday activities, reminds me of the complicated depth of human beings, their multifaceted nature but our simple existence.

What creative planning has to take place to prepare you to finally release your work?

Mariah Moss and I recently shot a music video for an independent artist. The beginning phases of this project started with bouncing concept ideas off of each other with our cinematographer, Sebastian Mora. I think that we've fostered a safe place to work that allows the three of us to throw ideas around without judgement, there are no bad ideas here at What If What Now Productions. After several meetings of deciding on a concept we finally lock down an idea that over time we flesh it out before the shoot. Before release, we will go through several cuts in post, to see which series of shots work best together. Our objective is to always tell a story and to have a narrative the audience can connect to, so going back and forth between cuts is the detailed work we have to do before release.

What are your main sources for industry news to keep you informed on everything that is going on in your industry?

I like connecting with people in general so whenever I watch a new project or find someone's body of work interesting I'll just reach out to have a quick chat about their position in the industry- this is a fun way to stay in the loop as I get to hear a wide range of opinions and experiences. I also stay updated through news websites like Variety, Deadline and Hollywood Reported.

Give our readers some advice about a time when you thought of a better way to do something in your performances?

Art is never complete so there will always be a "better" way to do it. When it comes to acting, the best choice is always in the moment. When I receive a script, my job is to explore the wide range of choices this character could respond to this one line so that when we shoot- I have a buffet of choices to provide in the given moment, this way I can stay engaged with the given circumstances and my scene partner. When I performed at the New York Theatre Festival, I had the privilege to perform several times in front of different audiences so it was fun to listen to their reactions to different lines and see if I could apply it to my later shows.

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