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'Body of Water' is coming out on October 1st and Dear Genre is here to talk about the latest music!

Do you have some hot new sounds in the works right now with your music?

As a matter of fact, I've got a fresh new single called "Body of Water" set to be released on all platforms October 1st.

"Body of Water" wrestles with the emotional baggage of rough or undesirable beginnings. It also toys with the idea of an ordinary individual rising to great power & responsibility while feeling unequipped emotionally & spiritually. The song uses the story of Moses, "The baby in the basket" as a loose metaphor.

Is it difficult to release new music?

I've never been asked if it's difficult to release new music but I suppose it's a two part question. Creating the music is the easy part. Mindless, now that I've been writing music for this long. The challenging part to me is the uploading to streaming sites & promotion of new material. My brain doesn't work like that, I always rather just be writing. I'm lucky to have a supportive dad, management team BsquaredMGMT & record label Floating Island Records, who handle publishing.

What kind of sounds can your fans expect from you next?

"Body of Water", set for release October 1st, is an interesting blend of sounds. People can expect dreamy, shoe-gaze like verses with an extremely poppy chorus. Given the subject matter, I tried offsetting the heaviness by using simple, easy lyrical rhymes. I suppose if one saw these lyrics on paper, they very well may think they were from a nursery rhyme.

Is there ever a moment you want to change something in your music last minute?

For those who've worked with me, this question has just brought a huge grin across your face because you know I've become too comfortable pulling off last minute changes to my music. Admittedly, sometimes it's too last minute to make a change but I usually end up trying nonetheless. It's a freedom that came with being unsigned without representation but now that I've got both, I'm expecting deadlines & cut-off points which may change that.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

I'm a perfectionist to the core and proud of it too. My peers & family tease me about it often. One day after pointing out more than several of my "perfectionist" qualities to me, I snapped at my dad & said some not so nice things. He calmly responded by saying "It's okay with me, that's what makes you artists so good at what you do." I chose to take that as a compliment and ever since that conversation have never sweated the jokes of my peers & loved ones.

What strides are you making to include in new music?

Over the eleven years I've been releasing music, I've learned how important it is to continue to showcase my growth as a songwriter, producer, musician & individual. These days I strive to put out the best possible final product vs. settling for something I may second guess later.

Most basic piece of advice that you are so happy you've learned along the way of your journey?

My most basic piece of advice that I've learned is to stay true to the art you want to make and not to compromise the final product. Releasing something that you're unhappy with sticks with you like a bad tattoo.

Don't ever compromise.


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