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HSITC is here with Carson Aday

Hi Carson! Thank you for taking this interview with HSITC! Are you performing anywhere LIVE?

I’m currently booking my schedule for the fall and winter! We have a great set planned in October at DBU that I’m preparing for.

How important is the chemistry at the venue between you and the audience when you're performing?

It’s crucial. If the audience isn’t enjoying the set, I need to adjust. That might mean giving even more energy, but that could also mean dying it down and bringing more beauty out of the sounds we were producing.

Does stage fright ever hit right before a set? How do you work through that?

I always have some nerves before a set. I usually just remind myself that what I’m doing isn’t all about me. I’m going to do my best to provide an entertaining show and beautiful music to those who showed up for it!

What kind of experience will your fans get at a show of yours?

It really depends. I’ve rolled around on the floor, I’ve jumped in a pool mid-song, and yet I’ve had intimate sets where I share personal stories and narrate through a song. It depends what you sign up for and how I’m feeling.

Any fun fan moments at a concert you can share?

At a small show this past December, I was struggling to get the crowd with enough energy to dance around. Finally, the sound guy ran out and started jumping up and down while yelling. This pushed everyone over the edge and it quickly became a mess of people jumping and yelling. It was a blast.

Let us know all about your music right now and where our audience can listen to everything you put out to support!

Definitely check out my music on streaming platforms and watch for some super exciting releases coming soon!

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