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Catching Up with Off Wing!

Hi Off Wing! Great to speak with you today!

Likewise, thanks for having us. What have you been working on lately? Anything exciting coming up?

We've been really busy actually - rehearsing for some upcoming shows throughout the northeast later this summer and fall, and also finishing up our 2nd LP. We'll be dropping another single pretty soon. Who would be a dream collab for you all?

Tough one to answer. Josh Homme probably. He's such a genius and a legend. What is the favorite performance you have done so far in your career?

We did a few over the camera during Covid. Honestly... we're just psyched to get back out there. Our show on 7/16 at The Burren in Somerville, MA is fully sold out - so we're excited for that. What is the best concert you have seen?

Though to say.... out of concerts we've actually seen while together though - Twin Peaks and blink-182 both put on some great shows. What do you think are the strengths that make you all such great musicians/artists?There are so many great musicians out there; we find ourselves somewhat unique in that we had such a strong friendship before we even started playing together. So we can be really honest with each other when it comes to experimenting with new ideas/trying things out/just evolving overall. Please let everyone know where to find you!

We would sincerely appreciate it if you'd give us a follow @

on Instagram! That's our main medium for all things related to new music, tour dates, merch, etc. Thank you for your time!

Thanks as well!

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