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Celiane The Voice is a driven, passionate and charismatic singer with a truly unique approach. Her music is very kaleidoscopic, borrowing from styles as diverse as R&B, Soul, Latin, Pop, and even Broadway, just to mention but a few. To create the style: Electronica Hip Opera!

How do you want to break barriers in the music industry as an artist?

I am taking the time to do something different in my own lane. I don’t fit the norm of what is out there. I am middle aged, I am a character, I have a disability and I am doing my thing. I dare anyone to say I can’t. When I started this journey I knew it would be long and it would be difficult to grasp my concept, but I also know that there is something for everyone in this world and I just do my thing.

Bringing the heat with your music! What single fans should listen to now?

My new single, “Papa’s Song (What Is This Feeling?) is a dance track I wanted to shake things up. I am still experimenting with my genre I created, Electronica Hip Opera, and decided to take a dance route this time. It is an ode to my roots and my calling and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Where can fans stream and support the music?

Fans can stream on Spotify, Amazon Music, ITunes, Deezer, etc. They can also find it on my website at

How do you feel about your music right now?

Right now my music is in a good place of growth. It is just beginning and can go anywhere. It is truly like painting a canvas. So many colors, so much potential - where is it going to go? I am excited to create more and different variations of my genre and expand.

How did you come up with the idea for the project you're working on?

I just sat down one day and thought, “I know I sing, but I need something different. The voice is different so should the representation.” That is when I created Celiane. Celiane is the name of my inner spirit. A name that came to me one day by a friend and it rang with me. From there, as I meditated upon it, the whole picture came to me and what message it needs to say. After that, Celiane the Voice was born.

How did you come up with the visuals?

With the visuals, it is actually what I saw in my mind. I took an approach for what those looked like before our present day society. A look at the Annanaki, highly evolved technological species and later cyber-punkish elements and that is what kept ringing true and coming to mind when I saw Celiane. From there, different representations of Celiane because she evolved with society or de-evolves. She is the visual to let people know how they are doing in their progress and what needs to be done to fix it. I mean Celiane is a character that is in your face and tells it like it is, no sugar coating. Her visuals must show that.

What was behind your determination for your music?

The determination to be me. Earlier in my career, before Celiane the Voice was even thought of, I had producers try to change my voice to be more like everyone else. I had trained as an opera singer for years, lead choirs, school bands etc. but they wanted me to sit down and shut up because it was about the producer. No. A singer can have just as many musicianship chops as one who plays an instrument. The voice and the manipulation of sound we create with our bodies is our gift. That is an instrument but there are rules in music which we abide by, like every other musician that uses sound as their paint. So I decided I was just as important as any producer and I can create my own art. The songs I have released, except one, were my creations and I take it to my executive producer, Bill Williams, to fine tune, fix and mix the rest of the magic. We are a team. It is important for me to create music that means something.

What was the best part of this passion project?

The fact that it is so different. I love that I am doing something unique. Yes it will take a while to catch one, yes it is new and very different. The gatekeepers love to say, “We don’t get it.” and dismiss it, but see the people aren’t. The people have spoken and that is who I listen to. The people. Why? Because the people are our fans. We are making connections with our fans and those that love us, as we love them, while others are sleeping on the opportunities that truly make us successful and make it to where we do this for a living. My passion is the excitement of the faces I see when my art is revealed. It is no wonder the gatekeepers don’t get it, I don't make my art for them. I make it for the people that love it. I make it for those that DO get it. That is what keeps the passion in what I do.

Where can we listen and follow you!?

You can follow me on instagram @celianevoice, YouTube: Celiane the Voice, my website, my bandcamp:

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