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Chris Koehn's musics message is his main interest.

What hot sounds have you released lately?

Little Wonder ( Live From Home ) , Sunday Morning Sun ( Live From Home ) and Live Alive ( Live From Home ) last friday. All part of my upcoming EP Live From Home.

What hot sounds are releasing soon?

Seth* on May and Winters of Sleep* in July. Both from my Live From Home EP. I´ll also be releasing a short pressing of vinyls for a benefit cause. Winters of Sleep original version premiered last year on Netflix Worldwide Hit Series " Control Z". Around august I'll be releasing a new single for my next album.

Where can new fans stream your current projects and support you?

New fans can listen & stream my music on all digital platforms under : Chris Koehn.

( Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music ).

Fans can watch & stream all my music videos on Youtube.

And also I have some cool sustainable merch on my Shopify Store.

Is there anything you're challenged by when it comes to releasing new music?

Indeed, the challenge always is to get new listeners and fans. Also to get the right message so people can relate to, and feel better while listening to my music, which is my main interest.

Who do you share your music with first?

My wife is a good and sincere critic so it's always a good judge. Also I share it with some close musician friends.

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