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The extremely talented Jeiris Cook talks about challenges, accomplishments and new music!

What new music are you working on right now?

I've actually got a few things in the works. My latest single "Date Night" drops on June 26th. It's one of those songs you listen to while getting ready to go out or stay in. I guess it's kind of a post-pandemic anthem that flies in the face of all the lockdowns we all just experienced. You can pre-save it now. I've also got a new song in the works entitled "Drunk" which chronicles a bad night with friends and a bottle of liquor. That one will be out later this year in the Fall.

Talk to us about your latest single! "Date Night" (out on June 26th) is the newest single and like I mentioned before it's meant to be a casual, summertime anthem. I wrote partially as a way of celebrating the fact that we are coming out of this pandemic. But also, I wanted to bring people together and encourage those human connections we missed out on over the past year. For me the song is a breath of fresh air and with the weather warming, I hope folks will enjoy this song the way I envision.....with others. What has been a big challenge that you have overcome in your career this year? Where do I begin?! The pandemic was a challenge but luckily I'd already had a presence in the livestreaming space so I was prepared to pivot in a way most musicians couldn't. Beyond that, I found it difficult to stay motivated to write new songs. Sometimes you need a change of scenery or be around others in order for inspiration to spark. Most times, good songwriting doesn't happen in a vacuum and I found myself trying to do just that. The mental blocks were a huge challenge but I think I've figured out how to break through when I need to again. What has been a goal that you've gotten to accomplish this year that you're proud of? I wanted to try doing more collaborations (also a good way to overcome writer's block) and over the past year I got to do several. I'm most proud of a collaboration I did with Mindy Davey entitled "Enough Is Enough". Most are still in the works so I don't want to give anything away but stay tuned is all I will say. What is happening this summer? Any live events? I've got a few live events lined up. But most notably, I'll be at Palmer Square (Princeton, NJ) performing with a band on June 27th, 4p EST. Most of my performances are solo and acoustic, so playing with a band is always a breath of fresh air. Beyond that, I've got a busy schedule all summer long and I keep my website updated with where I'll be. Leave us with a hottake about the music industry? Publishing isn't what it used to be so pay attention to your splits. There are always sharks in the water. Also....the RnB music coming out of the U.K. as of late is friggin' phenomenal. My links (Website) (Pre-Save "Date Night") Spotify Instagram Facebook Twitter

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