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Exclusive with: DJ divaDanielle


Tech House baby! Everyone is getting down to it on the dance floor. I feel like it is definitely the sound of electronic dance music right now. It's infiltrating everything from the underground sound to pop/EDM. What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to of yours right now?

My 2 most recent tracks are "Funkin' Around," a collaboration with DJ Denise and a remix for Airball ~ "Downtown" (divaDanielle Remix). Both are super fun for the Summer (anytime really)! Everyone can sing along to Downtown so I think it's especially ready for poolside parties or day parties at the beach. In my humble opinion of course! How has the reception been to new music?

It's such an amazing feeling to play an original production and see people react to it. So the Summer has been great so far. I was also recently featured on Beatport's "On The Radar" Chart, a collection of artists to watch. I'm feeling really good about that. What are you looking forward to most when you perform in front of an audience this year?

I absolutely adore performing. I love getting out there and communicating with my audience. We may not be speaking but you know when you are making someone's day. You know when the audience is feeling the vibe. That connection is what keeps me making music and DJing year after year. I love making people happy. What was the intention set for your music?

My intention has always been to make music that helps people let go a little bit. Let go of the stress of everyday life. Let go of taking everything so seriously. Create a space for just a few moments for joy. And lord knows, we could all use a little joy in our lives in today's world. When we can connect to joy, I believe we can go out and face the world and all its hardships. Joy can be very powerful. What was the most important message to impart with your music?

I hope it's that when you can truly let go, you can also get to who you really are. That there are moments we can just be ourselves. For me, that was on the dance floor. I hope I create that space for others. How do you want your fans to treat themselves after listening to your music?

It's my hope that fans feel empowered to go out and face the world. Whether they've been working in their car or driving to work or cleaning their house or just dancing around their living room, I hope they have a little extra pep in their step after listening to my music. I think my mixes are great for when you need to get pumped up for something. Cue up a track, jump up and down and go! Ha!

What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for 2022?

I have an unreleased remix that I did for DJ Denise called "I Feel Good." We are currently shopping it around. I'm embarrassed to say that yes, I've been listening to my own track on repeat. It's one of those tracks that just felt perfect when I finished it. I felt elated with how it turned out. It's so uplifting and I can already feel what the crowd's reaction is going to be to it. So it's really been lifting me up when I need a pick me up. Drop all your streaming links to make sure to get continued support on all you do!!

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