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Originally from Colorado, Eddie Ray Arnold settled in North Georgia as a family man before bringing his modern style of 90s country music to the Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. With songs like his road trip anthem "Beautiful Day", and his single "What If I Don't", it’s evident that Eddie has something to say and knows how he wants to say it. When he takes the stage, Eddie's high energy shows are fully intended to entertain and rock your country world.

Congratulations on your latest music! What is the biggest tip you followed when creating the sound?

The best tip I've received regarding creating my sound was to put my best foot forward. We somehow managed to find my sound on my single Beautiful Day. So when this song came around, we tried to make sure we kept that same overall sound incorporated into what we were doing.

How did the sound evolve from the start to the finish?

The first mix had keys more prominent in the mix but I'm a guitar guy so the second mix forward had the guitars move to a more prominent role.

Any tricks up your sleeve when making the music?

Yes. For my style, hire high quality Nashville session musicians and mixing engineers. But more importantly, have a great song.

Was there a collection of ideas that you had or did you have a really specific idea on the music?

The original demo was a softer song with acoustic leading the way. We wanted something with more power. So we beefed it up a bit and made it more of an electric guitar ballad than being led acoustically. With good songs, they work well in a multitude of arrangements. It's just finding the one that works best for you and your sound.

How much time do you demand of yourself to focus on music?

Music is more of a lifestyle to me than it is a job so I don't know how I could even track the time involved. It's always there. I've never thought of tracking how much time I spend on music.

Do you have any tips or tricks for our audience on how to manage your time when it comes to making sure your music is on track for release?

Make a plan and every day follow that plan. Don't skip days and don't randomly decide to not do something you've planned. You can always add to the list but don't take away from it.

Give us links and all to hear the music and follow you!

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