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Dream Shows and New Music with Inanna!

Hi Inanna! Thank you for chatting with me today!

Of course! Thank you for having me!

What have you been working on lately?

I have just released a new song called "Collapse of an Empire" and I am currently working on the music video which will most likely be released for Earth Day in April. The song is about the inevitable collapse of all the things and systems that are only exploiting the Earth for profit and power. I have also recorded a new song last month and I will be planning for its release in late spring/ or early summer. I am also working on some cool new artwork/merchandise, of course focused on environmental protection and the future.

If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be?

I would love to open for Placebo, Sigur Ros, Muse, Beats Antique or Orange Blossom.

You do so much amazing work! What has been one of the moments of your career that stands out to you?

So far, the biggest honor has been to collaborate with Digital 21 and Stefan Olsdal of Placebo: we made a song together called "Multiverse", which was released in summer 2021. It was an amazing experience to create something together with artists of such caliber.

Do you have any goals or aspirations for your music/work in the new year?

Too many! My goals for the next 6 months: releasing 2 more songs by the summer, creating and producing a short art-movie about environmental issues, planning for a bigger concert and fundraiser for environmentalist and animalist organizations, collaborating with like-minded artists and creating a song entirely made of animal sounds.

What are some recent victories in your career that you are celebrating?

I've gotten more support than ever from my Instagram fans, I've shot a video entirely on green screen for the first time and I've had the chance to collaborate with a member of one of my favorite bands!

What significance/ role do you feel music plays in culture?

All arts play a huge role in inspiring, shaping, changing culture. Culture is made of all our inspired actions and the way we interpret life and nature. I think music, and all art forms, have the power to speak to many layers of our minds and bodies. They can speak directly to our emotions and subconscious, they can lure us into new worlds, they can inspire change even just with one piece of work. And if one artist alone can create so much change, imagine what we can do altogether.

Any upcoming projects you want us to know about?

Sure! My new music video is coming out soon and I have 2 new songs lined up for release. I am also planning for an Earth Day event here in Los Angeles with a panel discussion and performances called "Arts for a Better Earth".

Please let everyone know where to keep up with you!

On my website,, you can find all useful links to social media, music, videos and press.

Thank you for your time!

Thank YOU!

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