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We caught up with the dope band Drop Top Alibi about their single 'Not Your Average Sunday Morning', getting over 35k in streams and what they're looking forward to in 2021!

Drop Top Alibi! We LOVE the rad name! How did it come about!?

Thanks ☺ A funny story involving an Irish guy at a motorcycle shop, and some panties…

Your latest single "Not Your Average Sunday Morning" is a whole vibe!!! Were there any challenges in creating the song?!

Definitely had its moments that were challenging! It’s a tricky song to play, so tracking it took a lot of attention to detail. It’s also not really a conventional verse / chorus to get to the hook song, so finding ways to evolve the song and keep it interesting throughout was a fun challenge. Definitely a guitar focussed song, and we had a lot of fun bringing it together.

What was the last milestone you’ve hit in your career? How did you celebrate the milestone?

Our latest milestone was 2020 being our best year streaming wise. We had over 35k streams on just spotify, a lot of which was propelled by our single “Eyes For You.” It was a rewarding feeling, because we were a band who was used to being on the road to push our music. Obviously last year we couldn’t do that, so we had to adapt and learn some new tricks. Huge shout out to Bsquared Management for helping to push our stuff!

What are projects you are looking forward to in 2021 that you're working on currently!?

Right now we’re getting songs together for our next release. We’re sitting on a lot of songs that we really like, so we’re going to get to choose what we want our next record to sound like. With everything else being so uncertain from COVID, we’re just focussed on the pre - production process to get our next record ready.

You are so insanely talented Drop Top Alibi!!! Where can we listen to "Not Your Average Sunday Morning" and all your new projects you'll be sharing with the world!

You’re too sweet! Check out our website that’s where all of our social media and streaming platforms are located!

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