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EP Review: Blooming Fire EP Dunia

By Colin Naughton

Blooming Fire is a brother-sister fronted Alternative band with influences from Alt Rock, Psychedelic, Reggae Fusion and Hip Hop styles. Blooming Fire prides themselves on being vocal for justice, sustainability and equal rights. Their music is inspired by the beautiful sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Blooming Fire released an EP, Dunia, in 2018 but recently released a Visual Experience for the album.

Dunia, starts with the title track, which gives very laid back, chill vibes. The drumming is upbeat and rhythmic, the bass line is heavy and captivating. The guitar playing is very psychedelic driven providing great melodies all throughout the track. The lead vocals start off slow and calm then burst into this raw emotion of power towards the end of the song. I really like the way Blooming Fire interweaves different genres into their music, especially in the first song, “Dunia,” with a really cool hip hop verse in the middle. It has great flow and meaningful lyrics.

“Blame It All” definitely has more of a reggae vibe to it, from the guitar chord progression to the drum pattern, to the singing in the beginning. I really enjoy how the two vocalists work together taking turns in a duet fashion, it really adds that extra layer and depth to their music. I love the use of horns in “Blame It All.” It shows Blooming Fire’s talent as songwriters to be able to incorporate the saxophone and other horns into their music.

“Freedom” definitely speaks to Blooming Fire’s support for equality and justice. The lyrics talk about justice, equality and freedom for all. This is their way of using their voice to stand up for what they believe, it’s very inspiring! “Bless My Heart” is a slower, more emotional track.

Dunia is a great EP! I really enjoy the tone and vibe of each song. It’s great music to listen to when you are laying on the beach or just trying to get away from life and slow things down for a bit. I really enjoy how Blooming Fire is able to fuse together musical genres you wouldn’t expect to sound good together, but they make it work!

You can stream Dunia on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Blooming Fire on Instagram.

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