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We had the chance to interview the musical rising talent Fawaz about his upcoming single release "The One", the hurdles in 2020 as an artist and his music goals for 2021 because he's ready for it!

Hi Fawaz!! Please tell us what's going on with your music! We hear you have a song called "The One" dropping soon! Can you give us any inside scoop on it?

Yes sure! The song is me showing appreciation for somebody.

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned about yourself as an artist recently?

Recently I learned about how bad I want it and the more I work, the better I get. I also learned from meeting with industry professionals, that I know a lot and that I am ready so that gave me more confidence.

What’s your biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome as an artist in 2020?

I had a plan to start doing in-person shows this year but unfortunately because of COVID, that didn’t happen.

What is a goal you’ve set for your music in 2021?

More in person shows, more people tuned into my music, more recognized publications and getting on a Spotify editorial playlist.

Where can our readers show your music love and hit that follow button

because I know they'll want to!!

You can follow me on Instagram: @wazsb

Follow me on Spotify: Fawaz

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