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Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The duo known as 7th & Hope is flexing on us with their new music FLEX.

FLEX is THE hot sound in the city right now! Congratulations on the single set to premiere on SELLING TAMPA on Netflix! WOAH! What was your favorite part creating the single?

Betty: The writing process was really fun - getting into character and saying stuff that is super obnoxious but very tongue-in-cheek was actually somewhat cathartic!

How has the reception to the single been from those who have listened already?

Patricia: Everybody who hears it loves it! And a lot of people are surprised to hear us do such a hip hop influenced song, because they haven’t heard this from us before.

Betty: Everyone we’ve shown it to so far agrees that it’s just great fun. It’s always a win when other people really enjoy and find the humor in something you’ve created.

IT IS CATCHY! What do you make sure happens during the making of a single to get the music JUST right?

Betty: I think our strongest ability as writers is creating “ear worm” melodic hooks. Personally, I think that’s the key to making a song “catchy”. Flex is mostly rap vocals so we made sure we had a really catchy melodic hook in the instrumental.

Patricia: Yes, and Duddy Brown, our co-writer and producer on Flex, knocked it out of the park with this track! I love the instrumental hook, and the way he used camera sounds as percussion. So creative.

What do you look forward to most about having it premiere on Netflix?!

Betty: Having a song in a show is such a great way to find new fans and we love seeing people discovering our music who otherwise might not have!

Patricia: I love Shazam-ing one of our songs when it shows up in the soundtrack of a cool show. It’s such a thrill.

How do you gain perspective about your music when you bring fans into it?

Betty: It’s always interesting seeing what songs resonate most once we release them. It’s great to know that the songs we love are also enjoyed by our fans

After the release of the single do you leave it on repeat or do you back away from the music and let your fans consume it only?

Betty: I think we might have different approaches to this one! I like to release and see what our listeners do…

Patricia: We’re always creating new music, so we don’t often take the time to go back and listen to our already-released music. But when we do, it’s always fun to hear.

Any inside scoop on how the song got picked up for Selling Tampa on Netflix?

Betty: We’ve had four of our songs on the original show by the same makers, Selling Sunset - I guess they must like us?!

What are the next steps for you and your music together?

Betty: Making more of it - always!

Patricia: We have a bunch of songs we’ve written and not yet recorded. I’m looking forward to getting in the studio together to bring them to life.

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