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The Pop Music Artist Jessica Jimenez shares with us how her heartbreak led to her newest upcoming hit single 'Girlfriend'.

Talk to us about your upcoming release 'Girlfriend'. How did this record come about?

So there was this guy and I liked him. I said some stuff and I feel like I was pretty open to him or at least tried to be and I told him long before if he didn’t want to talk to me it was cool. Then one night I got a message from him saying he now has a girlfriend...

Were there any challenges in the making of the song?

I was feeling upset and sad because I had high hopes. But in the end I put that all on me and in the song.

Who did you share it with first?

My best friend was definitely the first person I shared it with.

How do you know when a song is done?

By just writing and once I feel I've said what I have to say, it's time to put it all together.

What's your favorite verse in 'Girlfriend'? I would say the first verse. It’s exactly how I was feeling. So stay tuned! How can we listen to the upcoming single and support your music? You can support and stream 'Girlfriend', April 19th:

Spotify Jessica Jimenez YouTube Imherjessica Instagram: @ImherJessica

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