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Rhode Island native, Lainey Dionne is dominating the sounds of our stereos and now the STAGE this summer!

What is the power of performing LIVE?

I know how I feel when I see my favorite artists perform live and I know that it makes me feel connected and sometimes even emotional. I feel like when I see my faves performing, time stops and you don't worry about anything else in the world- you're just listening to a song. I'd love to do that for people too.

Where are you set to perform soon?

I'm playing all over Rhode Island this summer! You can catch me at Johnny's in Middletown, Michele's Place in Lincoln, City Winery Boston and more on my website

How are you performing at your best lately?

I used to struggle with engaging and talking to the crowd. I have social anxiety and I could sing in front of anyone all day but when it came to talking in between songs, that made me really nervous. I talked more and more at every show until I got over the jitters. Now I can perform all my original songs and give a good backstory of what it's about before each of them! I've been trying to branch out of my shell and not perform with my guitar. It's crazy to think I have no idea what to do with my hands because I'm so used to playing while singing. I'm enjoying every time I'm on stage and that's the important part!

Do you ever feel like you lower your expectations when it comes to creating or do you always raise the bar? How does this help you keep moving forward?

I never do anything in life with low expectations! With that being said, I don't write songs with the goal of it being a hit. I write songs to deal with whatever I'm going through. If I'm sad - which a lot of boys have made me sad haha - I write a song about it to get over it, now the sadness lives in those 3 minutes and 40 seconds. If I'm happy, I get to re-feel those emotions in my songs. My only goal is to let out my emotions living inside of me.

Do you ever look back on what you used to create?

Yeah! I get nostalgic when hearing my old songs and it feels good to see where I came from vs where I am now. Each song is a snapshot of a certain time in my life and it's nice to see how I've grown and what I've overcome.

Is there a difference on HOW you create NOW?

No. I'd say I have more experience and different tools but everything comes from the heart.

Give us your favorite line from your latest single Vampire and why it's so special to you?

I hate to think that you’re obsessive, a kleptomaniac But you stole my heart and all my money to buy your bus pass - Listen here I think it's a really clever line. I was dating someone at the time that was very manipulative and gave me just enough love for me to hold on, but he was also taking everything out of me at the same time. The obsessive part comes from being selfish and never letting me go and the klepto line comes from stealing all of me for himself and taking off with a better version of himself by using me, then leaving me in the dust. Trust me, you're better off not dealing with vampires ;)

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