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We had the pleasure to chat and gain such important insight from the talented and earth conscious band, Blooming Fire! They share about their love for the Earth Headz, the Earth and each other!

Hello Blooming Fire!! Thank YOU for taking this interview! We heard your fans are called the Earth Headz! You need to give us the story behind that because we love it!

Thank you for holding space for us! Yes, we do call our VIP fan community the Earth Headz...we came up with the name because Dryden, who plays guitar and keys, had a vision as a child that he would be in a famous band someday named the Earth Headz. He even had dreams about it and shared this with his family. We thought the name was so fitting because our most common shared interest outside of our music is our love of nature. We actually considered it as a band name back when we voted on names. When we decided to create a private fan community, we instantly thought of Dryden's vision because the wonderful people who are a part of this group are the exact people who are helping us grow the awareness around our band. We love to connect one on one with our fans and this was a shared space where we could do that by sharing private live streams, doing merch giveaways and giving them the inside scoop first! If someone is interested in being apart of the group they can find the info at this link:

We LOVE that you're so conscious about the environment! Where did that passion come from?

We were all deeply connected to nature as kids, endlessly playing outside and going camping a ton. All of our parents valued spending time as a family outside and taught us the importance of our connection to nature. Our parents had a garden and recycled back when it wasn't popular. Our mom (Sierra and Ian's) constantly reminded us of how important it was to never litter and be active outside! Our dad taught us how to grow food and respect the land and our uncle was a big inspiration on our connection to animal rights issues. We are all very passionate about sustainability because we want this beautiful land to be enjoyed by generations to come! I (Sierra) received a Bachelor's degree in Urban Sustainability from Ohio University where I created my own major in this field at the time. When I went to college my love of nature turned into a raging passion for sustainability when the veil was lifted on the realities of how we as humans treat our beloved Earth. That passion first led me to create a theater group called the Environmental Theater Brigade, which performed flash mob style theater skits about environmental issues in Ohio. I was also Vice President of the environmental student club, Sierra Club... which was fitting since we share names. When I decided to follow the calling of music, I always knew being a voice for nature would be a part of my message and lyrics. I'm thankful everyday we share this passion as a band family and see it as our mission statement. We want to be a voice for Mother Earth and remind people of our deep connection to this beautiful planet. We need to come together and change our ways, open our minds to new technology, stop buying from the corrupt corporate greed that keeps us down and evolve because the climate is in crisis and needs us. As a band we host beach clean ups, raise money for non profits and environmental organizations we stand behind and take great care in creating eco friendly zero waste merch. We are not perfect but we put our heart and souls into our effort to be leaders. We hope someday soon to play shows using solar energy, host a 'clean up' tour, inspire fans to be more mindful consumers and be a part of the change we want to see in this world.

What makes for your best music?

Our best music is made simply when we are all together, we work through every song together. We wouldn't do well being in different cities trying to create over the internet, we could pull it off but it would never be our best. Even if the focus is on harmonies or a drum beat, it always turns out best when we're all there in the room uniting our energies, even if that means standing by!

Any new projects coming up that you can share with us?

We are currently working on our first full length album. We will probably release a single or two outside of the album and some videos but the album is where our main focus is right now!

We LOVE everything you're about! Tell us where we can stay connected and follow all your upcoming projects and fun group adventures!

Join the Earth Headz here:






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