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Thanks for playing, guys!!!

Hi Not Leaving Sober!!

We are playing a game of "this or that", so let's get started?

Plan it or wing it?

Jimmy: *busts out laughing* We don't even understand the meaning of the word "plan".

Neeks: Mmmm, wings.

Adventure or relax?

Jimmy: Relax.

Neeks: Wow, I'm shocked, Jimmy. I like both. Depends on the mood.

Beach or mountains?

Jimmy: Oh come on, son. Beach.

Neeks: Don't make me choose.

Jimmy: Mountains are pretty cool.

Card games or board games?

Neeks: I want you to understand that I'm not kidding at all when I say I have played over 50 games of Monopoly with Jimmy and our friends in the past year.

Jimmy: I like board games.

Coffee or tea?

Neeks: What is tea?

Jimmy: Coffee, yeah, we're both pretty addicted.

Ketchup or mustard?

Neeks: Ask Jimmy which is my fav.

Jimmy: Neek is a KOE guy.

Neeks: Ketchup on everything.

Jimmy: Mustard's cool.

Movie or book?

Jimmy: Movie cause I'm lazy.

Neeks: I like books but only when they take them and turn them into movies.

Netflix or Hulu?

Jimmy: Hulu. Sorry Netflix, you've been blowing it.

Neeks: Netflix got rid of The Office and a bunch of dope movies. Meanwhile Hulu is over here killing it with Hey Arnold, Family Guy, just so much good sh*t.

Be invisible or read minds?

Jimmy: Ummmm...invisibility. Neeks: I actually don't ever want to know what people are thinking. Be able to rewind time or pause time?

Jimmy: Can I get a few re-runs of some moments in my life when I'm dead? Neeks: If I can rewind time, can't I just rewind to the moments I wanted to pause at over and over again? Write songs or record songs?

Jimmy: Record songs. There's more pressure. Neeks: I love both so much but I get all fuzzy inside when I'm writing songs. Please tell our readers where they can follow you!

Neeks: We're on Instagram: @notleavingsober Jimmy: And Facebook: Neeks: Peep our new website too! We put everything there!

Thanks for your time!

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