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The talented New Orleans based band details their name, their music and memorable moments!

Talk about your latest Hot Sounds from Bon Bon Vivant! How does it differentiate from past songs you've done in the past?

Dancing in the Darkness, our latest album, is an album about revelry and celebration alongside loss, healthy dissent and the troubles of the world. Our sound has grown up and become more irreverent over this last year, leaning into the experiences as opposed to shying away. We use brass horns to create a dance party, fueled by organic instruments and human voices. Real people playing actual instruments that make you wanna shake your ass. We also enjoy playing and talking about the macabre and darker side of things, as much as we revel in the light. We look for the duality, sugar is too damn sweet without knowing the salt. Dope band name! How did it come to be? We always loved the word Bon Vivant, the concept is delightful. A french term, it literally translates to good living. Someone who lives well...eats and drinks fine food and indulges in life. In New Orleans, the city where we formed, french words are used regularly in conversation. So we felt it honored New Orleans a little bit too. We added another Bon to the expression to differentiate and double down on the Good in Good Living.

What do you love most about being a part of a band? Creative collaboration and family, we are quite literally family. Our band consists of a married couple, two sisters and friends. The chance to make music with our favorite people is an incredible gift, AND to be challenged to grow together as musicians. We are here for it. Performing this music to others and watching it affect them, and then we begin a conversation between the listener and ourselves. That is the joy of being human. Were there any challenges that you've worked through and can give upcoming bands advice on? Staying true to your artistry is a choice, one that we made at every chance when we recorded this album. We made the music we wanted to hear, and we began to see that authenticity make an impression on the audience. Stay authentic, and keep reaching for improvements in your playing and performing. What is the most memorable moment as a band? Too many to count, we have decades of memories together as sisters and family but this year provided a number of memorable one year we were snowed in on tour in Reno just as the national lockdowns began, all future shows cancelled, then we started to livestream, we got better cameras and sound equipment, we started a Patreon page and began to build a supportive fan base, we made videos, t-shirts, our own merch and we wrote an album of new songs while we could not play live shows. This past year was incredibly bonding for us as a band, going through it together is the latest most memorable moment. Where can fans stream your music and follow you?

You can support our music and buy merch at and you can stream us on Spotify/BonBonVivant and on Bandcamp/BonBonVivant also at Patreon/BonBonVivant

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