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The conscious band Grayhunter talk mental health and music.

Rad band name! How did you come up with it? Thank you! Our name is a representation of our main mission as a band, which is to spread mental health awareness and to normalize difficult topics by presenting them in a relatable way through music and lyrics. Many people tend to have black-and-white thinking, which makes it hard for them to communicate with and understand one another. We want to encourage everyone to find the gray area, hence the name Grayhunter. Talk to us about the latest music. What should new fans be listening to now? Our latest single "Waves" was just released this year! "Waves" is about dealing with addiction, whether that is to a substance, a person, or a feeling. The music and lyrics aim to take listeners on the emotional roller coaster that is addiction as it is very often misunderstood and stigmatized. What kind of effort goes into synchronization among all the band members? It actually doesn't take much effort at all. We get along seamlessly both on and off the stage, which is usually not easy for a lot of bands to achieve. We feel extremely lucky. Can you give advice to new bandmates? What would it be and why? Have a clear goal as an artist and make sure that the entire group has the same ambition to achieve that goal. For example, starting a band with friends or family can be a good idea, but if not everyone is on the same page about how they want to write and perform, it will lead to complications. Also, it's beneficial to have members who have different musical influences, but make sure to remain open-minded and always leave room for each other's creativity. Favorite jam you've heard recently? Our current favorite jams are "Satellites" by Periphery, "The Killing Kind" by Marianas Trench, "Dawn" by Goose, "Biodiversity" by The Pursuit of Color, "Light Beside You" by Luli Lee, and "I Ran Away" by Dinosaur Jr. Where do fans stream you? Our music is available on all major media platforms: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, and more! Socials!


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