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We spoke to Singer/Songwriter and absolute talent Gwendolyn about her latest stunning release "Absinthe"! Also on the challenges she faced, proud moments she shared and MORE!

Hello Gwendolyn!! We are so excited to be chatting with you and ALL things Gwendolyn!! Your new song "Absinthe" is such a work of art especially along with the visuals! Were there any challenges to the song for you?

Yes. Producing, recording and shooting videos during a global pandemic definitely presents its challenges. I recorded the vocals at home in my closet, and I worked virtually with Lee Sanders and David Duarte on the production. David and I used AudioMovers to record the guitars which was pretty comparable to being side by side. I definitely recommend it. The video was crazy because it was very last minute - (I was literally like "Hey guys, want to shoot a music video tomorrow?" ). We shot at the beach at sunset and in front of my piano, and then edited it over the phone/email.

What habit was the hardest to break in your career?

Well, doing things last minute would probably be a good habit to break. Also assuming something is finished before it's finished. I've definitely learned that writing is rewriting, and now I'm pretty much never done. For "Absinthe" I rewrote the line "vandalized and rising into the tornado" 17 times. I rewrote the pre-chorus at the end of production and had to re-record that part. I decided to add the guitars very last minute. I feel like I'm still not finished with that song. ;)

Name the proudest moment in your career?

Playing with my band at the Troubadour was a pretty high moment to be sure. But I'd say my proudest moment was when my first single "Twisted Sheets" hit 1000 streams in 3 days, which pretty much floored me because I really had zero expectations. And my daughter and husband surprised me with a little pie with candles that spelled out "1,000." There was something about seeing my daughter's excitement over the whole thing and the warmth of that moment with the candles that will hold a very special place in my heart forever.

Who do you want to collaborate with on music if you could right now?

Well if you know me, you know I have a lifelong dream of being besties with Pink. I have a whole plan for how we will meet one day, and then become friends, and then our daughters will become friends, and of course... I will go on tour with her. I wrote a song called "Warrior" for her daughter one night after seeing one of her concerts. I'm obsessed with her and how she does it all with those kids (& hubby) right there with her. Not easy. I'm also super keen on finding the right beautiful-hearted male singer-songwriter to do some tasty duets with. Forest Blakk maybe? Lewis Capaldi? Bon Iver? I've got my phone on.

Please tell us where our readers can watch and listen to “Absinthe” and follow YOUR journey as an artist!?

Yes! Thank you in advance - I really appreciate the interview and the support! Stay connected with me for some live streams and the next singles coming in a few weeks!

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Watch "Absinthe" here:

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