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Danny Hughes (DCPA) has released a new single, “Iconic Love”. The upbeat, transcending song keeps you on your toes throughout the entire track. It presents electronic and pop sounds, and mixes together dynamic vocals. The complete track is upbeat, perfect for a dance playlist.

DCPA is out of Texas where he grew up in a family of musicians. As he developed his craft at a young age, DCPA found influence from artists such as Tiesto and Daft Punk. He is a big proponent of collaboration and finds inspiration through working alongside other talented artists. You can hear more of DCPA’s “Iconic Love” and other music on all streaming services.

The hook grabs you, and the lyrics support the otherworldly mix DCPA brings to life in this track. The many layers in this song raise your spirits as you listen to a celebration and reminiscent piece on an iconic, memorable love. You won’t be able to sit still for long as you vibe to DCPA’s “Iconic Love”!

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