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After reaching #1 on the Roots Music Report Blues-Rock single chart with his 2021 EP, Back to Blue, Clay Melton is back with new music and ready to take it on the road. "Imaginary Traveler", his newest release, is a gritty, energetic anthem that conjures up the spontaneous qualities of wanderer life without ever leaving home.

Right from the start, an electric guitar shreds through catchy riffs and preps the listener for the grungy, powerful vocals of Clay Melton. The moment we hear him sing, the scene is set for the fast paced, whirlwind that comes when you imagine life on the road. Recorded at Dosey Doe in The Woodlands, Texas, Melton had quite the team of heavy hitters working on this new album. Engineered by Malcolm Harper, mixed by Sebastian Cure, and mastered by Camilo F Silva, the album is sure to impress, especially considering that when combined, there are seven Grammy award wins between them all. Unsurprisingly, the production work is very well done and showcases Melton beautifully. The instrumentation is just the right amount of supportive and showy, taking the spotlight in moments that add balance and excitement to the build. Vocally, Clay Melton utilizes vocal distortion techniques that add texture to his singing voice, creating a rugged, unrestrained tone. All in all, "Imaginary Traveler", has all of the buzz and momentum to take you on a journey around the country from the comfort of your own couch.

Check out "Imaginary Traveler" by Clay Melton on Spotify and Apple Music -- and don't forget to check out his website,, for upcoming tour dates!

Reviewed by: Natalie Powers

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