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Juliana Hale is putting out a HIT on November 12th! Check out what she's dropping to your ears soon!

Do you have some hot new sounds in the works right now with your music?

Absolutely! My newest song Dollhouse has hip-hop sensibilities and comes out on November 12th. There are some more unreleased songs that I'm super excited to release in 2022 as well.

Is it difficult to release new music?

It can be nerve-wracking! I just always want to have a great marketing plan in place. But overall, it's exciting.

What kind of sounds can your fans expect from you next?

As I mentioned, my newest song Dollhouse, and also Crazy, have some urban influences and really hard-hitting bass and rap features. The first single I have set for 2022 though has a lo-fi vibe :)

Is there ever a moment you want to change something in your music last minute?

Definitely! Even after it's out, I'll, later on, wish I could change something. If you asked Derek Minor (who produced Crazy and Dollhouse), I'm always calling with new ideas or changes.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Absolutely. It can be both beneficial and damaging to my creativity because on one hand, I'm proud of the product, but on the other hand, it can hinder my process because I overthink it.

What strides are you making to include in new music?

I'm working on new music every day and finding new ways to get it out to the right people.

Most basic piece of advice that you are so happy you've learned along the way of your journey?

My vocal coach told me to trust the work I've done, and that has really helped with my nerves. It helps me keep in mind that if I put in the work, things will go well and what's meant for me will come.

Socials please!

Instagram: julianahale

tiktok: thejulianahale


twitter: thejulianahale

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