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Already Late is a band shaped by a long list of genres and genders. On top of a variety of guitars, catchy hooks (in both English and Japanese), funky bass lines and drum beats as energized as a riot at a punk rock show, they have managed to find spots in their set for electronics, as well as some ukulele. Thanks to their genre-crossing and bilingual--tracks, their eccentric live shows promise to excite a diverse range of crowds.

What stands out to you as being the piece of music that has changed the game for the industry?

B-Stixx: Honestly, Beyonce’s new single but there are so many!!

Jest A King: Do you want a list? There's so many pieces to choose from haha.

You are a game changers yourselves... How do you want to change the game with YOUR music?

B-Stixx: We just want to encourage people to be their authentic selves and tell their kid selves that IT'S OKAY TO BE A LOSER!

Jest A King: I would like to contribute to the types of music that are difficult to categorize.

How are you putting together your next project?

B-Stixx: We have multiple projects that we are putting together (music videos, LOSERCON, and new songs) but the only way to do that is to have a supportive and collaborative team.

Jest A King: We're working with a lot of people who understand our vision so the creative process has been smoother than usual

Who are you collaborating with?

B-Stixx: Well, there is a possibility that we will be collaborating with Vanessa Siberman on new music :)

Jest A King: Vanessa Silberman

Who are you giving credit to when it comes to how this upcoming music is being made?

B-Stixx: So many awesome people! Our amazing Management, BSquared, our dope filmmakers who make our music videos come to life, my band, our families, and of course, our fans who crave more.

Jest A King: everyone who helped make it happen--and my mother, of course

Biggest lesson so far this year that you are taking into this summer?!

B-Stixx: I would say the biggest lesson that I am continuing to learn is to not let my doubt or what people say get in the way of making music.

Jest A King: Bring a towel on stage...

What is something EPIC you're doing this summer to contribute to your art?

B-Stixx: Like I mentioned before, we are planning multiple music videos, new music, and a festival that we are creating called LOSERCON that will be happening in September.

Jest A King: We're looking to close out the summer with our very own music festival to support our album Little Kid Dreams and celebrate the release of our music video, "Loser"

You are just EPIC! Give us everything we need to keep up!

B-Stixx: Next Show: July 16th at Brooklyn Public House

We are creating a festival called LOSERCON that will take place in NYC on Sept 24th.

Stay tuned for new music and fun!

Check out our latest music video LOSER from our debut album, LITTLE KID DREAMS:

Social Media Links: -Instagram- -Facebook- -TikTok- @alreadylateband

-YouTube -

Where to find our music:



FUN FACT: We got the opportunity to play in Japan a few years ago and we are ready to do it again!

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