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Gareth Campbell was born and raised in Michigan. Most of the music he has released so far can be considered rock, but as he progresses in his musical journey, he has found himself crossing into other genres.

The music he writes is inspired by life experiences and those close to him, some of them very tough, others happy. To date music continues to be an important outlet for this musical artist on the rise.

Hi Gareth! Thank you for taking this interview! You are STELLAR! We are loving The Social Media! Are you performing it anywhere LIVE?

Not yet, but I am actively working on bookings :-).

How important is the chemistry at the venue between you and the audience when you're performing?

When I performed viola solos with an orchestra during my high school years, having a warm and open audience helped the performance be less stressful. There wasn't much interaction, but you could sense the energy.

Does stage fright ever hit right before a set? How do you work through that?

It did a few times. I would manage that by looking slightly above the audience so I did not make eye contact with anyone or focusing on my instrument.

What kind of experience will your fans get at a show of yours?

I want my fans to have a fun time learning about me through my music. I expect to find ways to engage with them and some of my songs have areas built in where they can participate.

Any fun fan moments at a concert you can share?

It is always nice when people approach you afterwards and tell you how much they enjoyed the performance.

Let us know all about your music right now and where our audience can listen to everything you put out to support!

Listeners can find me on all streaming platforms, but here are some of the common ones along with my Youtube VEVO.

GarethCampbellVEVO - YouTube

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