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We also learn what advice Joey would give to his younger self! Keep reading to learn more!

Hi Joey! Great to have you here today!

Thank you!

What do you feel are the most important habits of successful people?

Determination, attention to detail, flexibility, love, and kindness towards others.

To be sure there are people who are materially successful who don’t have those last two habits but are they really successful without love in their lives or concern for their neighbors? I don’t think so.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Eat your vegetables LOL. But seriously, trust your gut and always follow it. I can look back and see it is whenever I didn’t do that I made a mistake. But, then again, is there really such a thing as a mistake? If I come through the fire a better, wiser, and kinder person, I have gained something valuable! Of course, there are experiences I would rather not repeat, but I don’t believe in spending your time in fruitless speculation.

What emotion would say you experience the most?

Joy!! Followed by contemplation—yeah, I think that is an emotion!

Two words to describe your style...

Melodic tapestry.

First and foremost, I believe in a good melody. Second, I like to make the song simple in its structure but with layer upon layer of complexity. Thus the word tapestry evokes that idea of a complex weaving of an easy to recognize picture in my mind.

What has been the biggest game-changer in your career thus far?

Going to Berklee Online, meeting my friend Birdee Bow, and getting to learn from and befriend Alan Parsons.

How do you manage artist life and normal life?

I don’t. My art is part of my everyday life and it is the same thing as taking a breath for me. My life is art. I am just blessed to have surrounded myself with people that understand that and are part of my life and my art. I create music because it is who I am and what I do. I don’t try and create, it just happens because I am alive.

What are you most excited for in 2021?

The death of COVID! Getting back to our old “normal” so people can interact freely and with confidence that they’re not taking the risk of making themselves or others sick.

Please tell our readers what platforms you are most active on and where they can follow you!

Here are links to my current single “You Know My Name”:

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Thank you for your time!

My pleasure!

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