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Kaleb Mullins and The Witness is a rock band from Knoxville, Tennessee. With their own unique style, the band's original material combines a sonic blend of blues, funk, folk, and grunge to weave together stories and songs that will both tug on your heart and make you stomp your feet.

What are you most excited about for your next release?

These songs are so personal to us, and they really take the listener on a journey together with us through the music. I can’t wait for people to hear and experience those stories and songs.

Tell us about this single and what the core of it is about?

“Black Lung” is a song about struggle. It’s the story of a young man struggling with drug addiction, the death of his father, the reality of living life in a coal mining town, and ultimately — a struggle with faith and belief in a higher power. He’s asking the question: “How can you say you’ve been saved when everyone in this town looks like they’re already dead?”

Favorite part of the single that you think fans will be excited about?

There’s a pretty aggressive part in the second verse that makes me want to headband every time we play it. I hope listeners experience the same energy from it that we do.

What is the messaging you're pushing for?

I want people to know that there’s more to life than their circumstances. Black Lung is sort of a depressing song, there’s not a lot of hope there. But we hope that there’s an opportunity through the song to choose a different path than the character did.

Do you ever dedicate singles? Does this one have a special dedication?

This one is dedicated to my home, Eastern Kentucky. I feel as if all the songs are ‘dedicated’ in their own way to some person, or place, or situation. I write mostly from my own experiences, so each song is dedicated to those things in their own little way.

How are you going to show off this single?

We’re playing lots of shows at the moment and trying to allow others to experience the song live! Recording is one thing, and we have a great producer, Mike Nelson, who works on all of our songs. But the live experience is really where it shines through.

Are you performing this single LIVE for the release?

We sure are!

Any more exciting news to share?

Our debut album, Old Ghosts // New Stories, releases on October 14th! Be sure to check it out, and check out our website for show dates near you!

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