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Nikki V plans to rock the stage this summer!

What is the best new music you're putting out right now? Right now I've been having a lot of fun doing cover songs , playing and singing all the music I've always loved , but I'm really excited to be putting out my own this summer. What instruments do you play? I play guitar and sing. And a little bit of piano and bass.

How long have you played? I have been singing my whole life and playing various instruments over the years.. with the first being a recorder. So I would say , I've been playing for most of my life. Are you starting to perform live? I am looking forward to it. By the end of summer I will be out rocking a stage or two. What is something fans don't know about you? I am a photographer , as well and I do alot of my own photography. It is a skill that I am blessed to have and be able to cultivate. What hot new music are you dropping next? My single called Killing time will be out mid summer!! It's a fast paced rock n roll love song about mis-comunication which we have all been through. Socials and everything we should know about!







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