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Kristen Ford pushes herself, her music and the envelope...

Broke Stoned and 23 is THE hot sound in the city right now! Congratulations on the latest release!

Thank you so much! We were really trying to push the envelope on a heavy emotional message but a fun and synth heavy envelope.

How has the reception been to new music?

It’s been incredible, just to have made this new album with the help of my Kickstarter backers and share it with them first, and hearing from new and longtime fans that they have enjoyed listening to the new album on vinyl or even on TikTok while they take a nature walk. Living in the digital age is amazing.

Have you performed the single in front of an audience?

Hell yeah!

What do you look forward to most when you sit in front of an audience and perform the single

I love the immediacy of playing for a live audience. I enjoy the spontaneity of it all.

How do you gain perspective about your music when you bring fans into it?

I write from a very personal place, so it’s magical to hear how others hear themselves in the music. We all share the human condition, artists just try to convey that through our respective mediums,

After the release of the single do you leave it on repeat or do you back away from the music and let your fans consume it only?

Ha. Depends on my mood. I always get very uncomfortable when someone learns I am a musician and immediately put me on at a party or public gathering. Between recording, editing, mixing , mastering, making music videos, rehearsing and playing live, I have heard the song a few times. Y’all enjoy it!

What are the next steps for you and your music?

Hitting the road this spring and summer and looking forward to some new bad ass visuals for songs from war in the living room.

Drop all your streaming links to make sure to get continued support on all you do!! there you’ll find links to all the streaming sites and to purchase on digital cd or vinyl

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