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Atlanta's newest singer/songwriter is bringing new meaning to the word 'popstar' into the new streaming era of music.

Born and raised in Central New Jersey Lánre (born Olánrewaju Keyede, December 16, 1992) began his music career at age 10 when he attended a music school and was classically trained in vocal performance. Since then, he continued performing in off-broadway musical productions and local festivals in Atlanta when his family moved south during his sophomore year of high school in 2008.

It was in Atlanta that Lánre discovered his songwriting talent and released a 6-track demo at age 15 under the tutelage of his cousin and mentor, Mike Will Made-it.

Lánre continued writing and performing his songs in and around Atlanta during and after he graduated college where he discovered his sound of a mix of RnB, Electronic Dance, and Pop genres that was truly unique to him.

Lánre's artistry promotes a sense of nostalgia akin to the era of pre-streaming pop stars like Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Chris Brown, which he frequently lists as major influences on his music and look.

With the 2020 release of his debut EP, In My Dreams, Lánre has shown that he is ready to make an impact on the music industry in a major way. In just a year of its release, the independently released project has gained over 300k+ streams, with lead single “Beautiful Lies' ' crossing 190k+ streams. He also received support by BBC Radio for his single, “Somebody New (graymattr Remix)”, which is crossing 180k+ streams. Atlanta’s newest breakout singer is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as he sets the stage for the new-age of superstardom. Lánre is artistically at the top of his game and surely has a huge future ahead. And the most exciting part – he’s still only really just getting started.

How is your year starting off musically? It's going great! I just released my first single of the year, No Bodies in February and I'm starting my first set of shows for the year in NYC in February as well. I'm going to Austin soon too for SXSW week! What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to of yours right now? My new single, No Bodies for sure! It's a really fun song and talks about modern dating in a new way. It's really gotten my fans pumped up for the year! Also, a fan favorite that just crossed 200,000 streams on Spotify is my collaboration song, Somebody New - graymattr Remix. That's a really fun house song to get fans pumped up. How has the reception been to new music? It's been very positive and I'm so grateful to how people have been receiving No Bodies so far. Even after two years of releasing music professionally, release day is still nerve-wracking cause you really never know how people are going to take to your new music. Glad to say people have been loving it though! What are you looking forward to most when you perform in front of an audience this year? My favorite thing about performing is seeing the crowd connect and react to my music in real-time. There's nothing quite like seeing audience members' faces light up subconsciously when they hear me sing one of my songs. What was the intention set for your music? With each song I make, I set out to make it as personal as I can while making it relatable to listeners. So not every song I sing is about a particular person or situation I've been through, the theme and overall feeling of the song is something I can personally relate to on some level. Hope that makes sense, it's always tough to explain that aspect of my songwriting! What was the most important message to impart with your music? The most important message I hope listeners and fans will get from listening to my music is to accept and love all aspects of yourself. I'm a very emotionally expressive person and I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, and I found that embracing those parts of myself made me a better and stronger person. It's also made me a better artist, so I put those aspects of my personality into each song in hopes that it inspires others to embrace their true selves at all times! How do you want your fans to treat themselves after listening to your music? Echoing my previous answer, I hope my fans and listeners feel empowered to love and accept themselves (the good, the bad, and the ugly) when listening to my music. What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for 2022? My song 'No Bodies' is a whole mood! It's such a fun-loving song that's perfect for every occasion. My next release, which is a collaboration track, is a huge spring break/summer song so that's going to be one I have on repeat a lot too. Drop all your streaming links to make sure to get continued support on all you do!!

You can stream my music on all the major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and YouTube at Lánre. You can also keep up with me on Instagram @lanre.official, TikTok @lanreofficial, & Twitter @lanre_music. I’m going to be doing a lot of shows this year, so be sure to check my social channels for updates on those!

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