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Greg Hoy is an artist all around!

What hot new sounds are you releasing soon?

Oh yea! Hot & in time for summer! What will be this summer's song? Hmmm... The new single 'Move Along' is almost out, and the next big release is the new EP! It's got some fun dance and classic rock going for it. 'Highway 101' is a song about being in a convertible on a date with someone that knows just a little bit more about the ways of love than you do. And that's part of the fun of it, right? There's also a song called 'Disco Distraction Machine' that might be the most dancey number yet. Of course there will be videos, too. All of this leads up to finally touring again at the end of summer which I'm very excited to get back to.

Anything fans can stream right now? Where?

Check out 'Cacophony,' and the newest single 'Move Along' on Spotify or Apple Music. I also really dig Bandcamp ( which has the last few recordings all in one handy place.

Are there any music videos coming up for you?

Oh yes... just in time for us all to 'Move Along'. We took a bunch of raw video last week at one of our favorite clubs to play called Winters Tavern. It's a classic, amazing roadhouse in this lovely California surf town called Pacifica. Sea Jay, the owner, is one-of-a-kind, and a true supporter of live music. He came to open the club early to let me & Rose, the co-director, do some video one early morning. I had really high hopes for using the drone camera a bunch however the bloopers of it nose-diving behind the shuffleboard table and on the pinball machines probably won't make the final cut.

What is the most exciting professional goal that you're close to reaching?

Ooh what an interesting question! This is pretty weird, maybe, however I just took up acrylic painting this past month. My goal would be to paint something good enough to be an album cover sometime in the future. My album covers have always been a combination of treated photos and text. It would be cool to come up with something good enough to represent a batch of songs and have it be the art on a vinyl album!

Anything else you want fans to know about?

This has been a trying year for everyone — imagine if we didn't have the internet for it? Because of technology, I've met new friends and fans all over the world. I appreciate all of the new attention coming to my music and goofy videos. Keep supporting independent artists, and when the time comes & it's safe for you, go see live music!

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