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Meet: Northern Gloom

What has been the driving force of your career in this upcoming New Year? Hello! The desire for community, speaking truth to power and the creative process is the engine that keeps Northern Gloom going. Are you planning to do anything BIG next year for your career? Yes! We just started tracking our third record which is already sounding amazing. We’re doing this one ourselves which is exciting. I’m not going to give away the title yet, but it's very surrealistic and heavy. We’re also planning to go on tour in March! Many big shows are on the horizon this year! What adjustments have to be made in order to get to that goal? Northern Gloom is a well oiled machine. Every day we do something to keep the Gloom growing and thriving. In the end, fostering our local arts community has been the best thing for us as a band. What personal goal have you set for yourself that you'd like others to think about too? Get off your phone and go out into the world. Have real experiences. Stop trying to foster real community in the artificial shithole hellscape that the internet has become. Concerts and live art of any sort are vital for human beings because we all need a reason to get together and have a good time without forcing our ideology on each other. So, moral of the story - stop talking about things and LIVE. Making more moves in this New Year can be really exciting, is there anything that you are nervous about when it comes to your career? How do you get over those nerves and go for what YOU want? I am not nervous about my career at all. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by world class people and artists every day in my home town. I always want to create more art, meet more amazing people and travel to new places with Northern Gloom. As long as that is happening - I have no fear! What chances are you taking in 2023 when it comes to collaboration? The three of us all collaborate with many other people on a regular basis. Cory has a few other bands called “Whose Hands Are These?” and “Sun Not Yellow”. Cory also plays in a band called “Muck House” with my sister and I. He also works with a bunch of other artists in an engineer/production role. Brian and I play in another band called “Versus Machine” which has an album coming out in 2023. I (Michael) play in a few other bands including Babel Map, Le Ghast, Gowned and I’ll be doing some work with Philadelphia based band “Tubey Frank” in 2023. Name the word of the year for 2023? LIVE! Setting intentions is so important especially when accomplishing your goals! How do you make sure to keep that heart and drive you have for yourself? Northern Gloom was started with a spell of intention. I went to the lowest part of my house and burned some sage and said “I want to meet two musicians that I will play music with for the rest of my life.” Within a few short weeks Northern Gloom was a band. Within a few months we played our first show and recorded our first album. Now we have a second record that we just released and a third in the works. We started a studio and performance venue in Lancaster, PA. Setting intent is super important whether or not you believe in Magick. I personally find it very empowering to speak your intent in a ritualistic setting. I grew up in the Catholic Church where ritual is very important. I could now go on a rant about how much I despise Catholicism and religion in general and how it’s all bullshit, but I’ll save that for another day. The point of bringing Catholicism up is I was exposed to ritual at a very young age and appreciated it even if I didn’t believe what those people believed. What is happening NEXT for you? Next? We finish record 3 and have a single ready for our tour in March! Social media for ALL your new fans? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day! Follow us on instagram and that will lead you everywhere! Northern Gloom: Cory (Bass/Vocals): Brian (Drums): Michael (Guitar/Vocals): Website: Bandcamp:

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