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The Damed releases their latest track 'Lost Days' with more grit and grunge if we ever heard it before. They have pushed the limit every time they release new music with the magic that is them. As the melody spins, their message continues to inspire. While the world continues to change and pressures can surely mount, the fans can count on The Damed to keep them grounded in reality while still being comforted that they are not alone. Today they are opening up about 'Lost Days' and you'll see why we're so excited to have found them!

How has the reception been to Lost Days for those who have heard it?

TD: The response has been positive so far!

Describe the song's aura. What kind of energy do you want to bring to your fans through the single?

TD: Finding the light in the dark. Letting go of fear you cannot control and putting that energy into doing something creative to release it.

How do you gain perspective about your music when you bring fans into your world?

TD: When someone vibes to your music it can give it more life and provide a comforting universal understanding.

What was the idea behind the creation of the single?

TD: This was written during the beginning of the pandemic while most of the U.S. was in its first lockdown phase. It is a blurry timeline of processing the revolving facts, feelings and fears surrounding the shocking state of affairs of what was becoming our new normal.

Why did you feel like it was time to release Lost Days to the world?

TD: It is a song everyone can relate to since the subject matter is something we are all navigating simultaneously together. There is also an underlying positive message that I hope others find encouraging and self-empowering.

Where do you want fans to stream, listen and just obsess over the newest track?

TD: On whatever your preferred streaming platform is.

Are you planning on performing this single LIVE soon?

TD: We plan to be hitting the stage again soon and this single will definitely be in the set list!

After the release of Lost Days do you leave it on repeat or do you back away from the music and let your fans consume it only?

TD: Back away. After going through the song mixing process, I prefer to only play it live after it is released into the world.

What exciting milestone is up next?

TD: The video for this song will be released on April 1. We will be releasing another single/video thereafter and then an EP.

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