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Matters of Love with WITHN

Written By Brianna Jean

When you're looking for a slow jam to wind down your day, one that's just as soothing as it is romantic, there's no better choice than "Matters of Love" by WITHN.

The song starts with a slow guitar tune, accompanied by harmonious background vocals. Then comes WITHN's smooth voice to carry the narrative. Bold but evocative lyrics paired with a slightly faster-paced instrumental track help to keep the song from feeling monotonous, and give it an air of excitement that makes you want to keep listening.

The title alone signals that the song is about love—and then, it delivers. But this isn't just a love song that you'll hear once and forget for all time. This is a love song about hope—hope for love, and hope that things will be better. It's refreshing in an age of such divisiveness to see an artist putting out music that focuses on unity, and on healing the pain caused by our differences.

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