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Read why Max Gall is such a stand out!

Do you have some hot new sounds in the works right now with your music?

I like to think that I do, I guess that’s up to the listeners to decide. I’m just having fun writing songs and I’m excited to put them out. If the songs resonate with people then that would mean the world to me.

Is it difficult to release new music?

It’s easy to release new music but to do it well I’m learning is a whole different story. I’m really learning all that goes into a release and to do it properly takes a lot of work and planning.

What kind of sounds have changed from previous music?

I was in a band for about 10 years so now that I am writing as a solo artist my music is much more acoustic based. I focus a lot more on the writing now and think about what I want to get across to the listeners in my songs. I hope that stands out in my new material.

Is there ever a moment you want to change something in your music last minute?

Oh it happens all the time! Even after I put things out I want to go back and change certain things, but I’m learning to be less critical of my past work. I think you just have to give it your best, put it out and move forward.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

I was actually told today I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I wouldn’t really describe myself that way. I want things to be as good as they can be, but I’m pretty laid back when it comes to my decisions in my songwriting. I wasn’t always that way and it used to take me a lot longer to finish songs. I think any song writer can attest to the feeling of looking back on a song or lyrics that they were really excited about when they wrote and feel totally different about it later on.

Drop some advice on our audience that's helped you!

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Get away from the idea that once you reach a certain point everything will be perfect. I think no matter how far along we come it’s just natural to want to strive for more. Don’t let that feeling of needing to be farther along take over. Take time to appreciate where you are at and give yourself the credit you deserve.

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