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A superstar of talent, Singer/ Songwriter Maxx gives us the download about what she's been up to, lessons learned and never letting anyone or anything discourage her!

Tell us what you have been up to so far with your music this year?

In 2020 and in this New year I’ve been writing more music, working on a new project trying to connect with other artists, building a team and finding myself more and more every day personally and as an artist.

What lesson did you learn from as an artist in 2020 that you are applying in your career now?

A lesson I learned in 2020 that I am applying to my career now is to find people that I can trust that really care about me and want the best for me but to also never let anyone or anything discourage me when it comes to my music, my career and myself as an artist.

Who or what is inspiring you the most for new music?

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are huge inspiration for me but I’ve also been trying to add bits and pieces of other artists in my sound and finding myself through that. But when it comes to my lyrics and what I'm writing about, my own life experiences inspire me.

What is exciting you for the new year?

In the new year I am excited for new opportunities, making new music, working with new people, meeting new people, building a team, and growing overall as an artist.

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