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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

The rising musical starlet The Alona Decade talks ' The Memories' and more!

What hot new music do you have out now?

My newest single ’The Memories’ is out on all streaming platforms. I released it in April and the response has been crazy! Everybody loves the video too! I love creatively directing all my visuals but this one has been the best one yet!

How much time are you spending on your music lately?

As long as I’m not on vacation, I spend a lot of time on music. I record in my home studio every Thursday for a few hours and I see my engineer every other week. I’m one of those people that have a really hard time half-doing anything so once I started taking music seriously in 2019 I’ve been pedal to the metal ever since.

Who do you want to collaborate with on your next song?

There’s an artist in my hometown in Atlanta, GA named Butterfly Feels that I want to collaborate with next. We went to college together but we never got close. We kept in touch via social media and she’s been building such a dope brand for a few years! I love her vibe, her music and her hustle. Her and her girlfriend write, record and produce all her music themselves. They even shoot their own visuals! I just love how much they invest in their dream and the independent artist grind and would love to work with her. We’ve talked about it so hopefully something will happen soon!

Who is an idol of yours in the business?

Beyonce, hands down! I look up to how she moves, her talent and how she still keeps her personal life private.

How can new fans support you?

First, I’d like to say thank you for the interview! I really appreciate the opportunity!

Your audience can find me on Instagram and Facebook @thealonadecade. I document my daily life in my stories and share more of my journey as an artist on my feed. They can also subscribe to my Youtube channel under, The Alona Decade. Follow me on Twitter, @alonadecade. I recently amped up my presence on Twitter because the conversations just feel a little more genuine and I get to nerd out a little more.

You can also follow my merch, @oakienaturals and purchase at I didn’t want my merchandise to be typical logo t-shirts and hats. So, because I began taking music more seriously while simultaneously loc’ing my hair, I developed a line of merch geared toward locs. Alona means strong as oak with God, in Hebrew so I named my merch Oakie Naturals. On this page, I share loc drip, loc tips and debunk loc myths for those who prefer to self-maintain their locs at home.

What hot take do you want to leave us with?

I’d leave this wisdom for any other artist who is starting out. Your faith and perseverance will be tested so if you want microwave success this isn’t the career for you. There are a lot of emotions that we feel as creatives trying to gain influence and make a living using our gifts, the best thing we can do is channel those emotions into our songs. It makes my music relatable, pure and a sonic testimony of our lives. That’s leaving a true legacy if nothing else.


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