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The unique sonic sounds of KinderCrowdControl!

What musical sounds you're most proud of that you've created so far? Edem: Sounds as in sonic? My guitar tone has never been better. Tea kettle pedal tone in D under "Marwar Junction". As far as music goes… Our latest track which is soon to be released. Brett: I play a few different instruments so it’s hard to say which “sounds” I’m most proud of. Each instrument has a unique sound and so I’m proud of them all, yet the Chapman Stick seems to be a favorite with KCC. Who are collaborating with right now that is exciting for you? Edem: Brett Smith of 40 years; Sandra Ban, famous Croatian fine artist and our “voice”, and BsqauredMGMT of course! Brett: I’d have to say the people from BSquared MGMT. Musically speaking, Edem, Sandra & I have a great sound which we’re still exploring sonically, but stepping outside of the actual performance the team from BSquaredMGMT have created the most excitement in our group. Give us your favorite story you have making new music? Edem: As an invited artist dancing in Thailand at one of Poh Chang University's International Art Exchange 2018 parties, I met fellow artist and crazy Croatian dancer/artist/vocalist/philosopher Sandra Ban. We’ve become fast friends ever since. If it wasn’t for my art, I would never have been in that place at that time and met her, our now legendary vox of KinderCrowdControl. We came up with the hook vocal phrase “again, again, one more time” (indicative saying of press photographers there) that night which ended up in our song “Here”. The collaboration of her and KCC began right there.

Brett: I don’t have a favorite in mind. For me, every day we’re creating new music is like Christmas. In my mind it’s like I wake up and head down to the studio to open up all the new sonic gifts. It’s magic! What is your favorite fan moment? Edem: When we were approached by Bsquared MGMT after my Voyage L.A. Magazine interview this year. “We love your sound”. Great. Also, our dear friend Eugene Sotela (RIP), who kept Drowning Pool Music (Drowning POOL 1984 FB) alive and well, and through him, Marco Rocha of Transmission Lima, Peru, who regularly plays our music. Brett: For me it would have to be our great friend Marco Rocha from Transmission Lima. He regularly spins our music on his weekly broadcasts. How do fans keep connected with you? Edem: Via Instagram and FaceBook and more below.

Brett: Yes. What Edem said.

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