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My Silent Bravery Releases New Single “Without Love”

By Colin Naughton

My Silent Bravery will be releasing their new single “Without Love” on June 25th, 2021. Matthew Wade is the genius behind this alternative pop rock music, creating songs that symbolize persistence, perseverance and inner strength to overcome the challenges of life.

“Without Love” was written by Matthew Wade and his friend Trevor Holmes, it is a song about love and questioning relationships without love which have become so common in today’s world. So many relationships are built on superficials like looks, social status and immediate gratification. “Without Love” is a very real, relatable and raw song that talks about the problems with dating norms in today’s culture. It can be hard to find real true love, the strongest human emotion and “Without Love” does a great job expressing that struggle.

The track begins with a wonderful acoustic guitar chord progression that gives a sad, emotional feeling to the song right from the start. It has good flow to the lyrics and a great beat that makes the listener feel like they will come out stronger on the other side. It is a catchy tune with relatable and meaningful lyrics that can be taken to heart which is always the sign of a good song.

You will be able to stream “Without Love” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow My Silent Bravery on Instagram.

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