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Danny Hughes (DCPA) is a taking us through the journey of his music!

We are loving Keep Your Eyes Closed!

Thanks, that’s great to hear after spending so much time on the track! I hope to always be finding new fans with each release.

What made you name the single?

I’d had the recorded vocals from Marcia (MISHA) Sondeijker for almost a year before I really started to build a production around it. ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’ seemed to be the best fitting name, as it is the definitive hookline of the track. I felt that the title would stand out in a track list, intriguing more listeners. In addition, when you ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’, you heighten your sense of sound. I try to be metaphorical when defining elements of my music.

What kind of journey do your fans go on with the song?

The original song is meant to be brief and energetic, with simple lyrics, but provide a deeper existential journey. It is a reminder that adversity and conflict can be overcome with patience, positive energy and a fighting spirit. In the background, I used various rain and thunderstorm sounds to create an organic canvas for the track.

The first half starts off with a yearning melody, paired with the main lyrical hook “Keep Your Eyes Closed”. It implies conflict, and there’s some quick emotional tension built up using the lyrics, right before a soft synthesizer solo and stringed instruments add comfort and relief. After that, the build-up and first drop bring a new energy and empower the listener to face this conflict.

In the second half of the track, all of these elements are rearranged, but with even more energy. There is tension and energy until the end, where a conquering spirit remains.

What's waiting to be released?

The music video for ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’ will go live in early December 2021. Also, I’m almost done with a song called ‘Iconic Love’ – I think it shares a lot of the same traits as recent releases, hopefully it’ll be a hit! Look for that one in December 2021 too. Besides that, I’ve got plenty of cover tracks lined up to start 2022.

Is it difficult to release new music?

Finishing a release is a big challenge. I think in some ways it gets harder to finish tracks because I’ll always try to outdo myself or get over-creative. It comes down to finding the last few puzzle pieces in the end.

Releasing music onto most platforms is super easy from a distribution standpoint but having frequent and consistent quality content is the hard part.

What kind of sounds can your fans expect from you next?

Lately, I’ve been taking an electro-pop approach to sound design. I’ll probably keep that same sound up for a couple more releases. I’m working on several cover tracks too, which are different takes on alternative music from the 90’s and 00’s. In 2022 I’d like to work on some more progressive house music and instrumentals, similar to earlier releases of mine.

What has been a moment in your career that has gotten you most excited?

In July 2020 I made the decision to go full time into music. The most exciting moment was the point I realized how well all the things I had planned for my music career were lining up. I’d worked as a CPA in public accounting for nearly 10 years, building up my music career part time for 6 of those. It was really exciting to have proof of concept behind me, the tools I needed for production, an international production team and an agency in Austin ready to book me for shows as soon as I moved from Dallas. Covid 19 had obviously changed the office working environment. Everything felt very transitory by nature from that standpoint, which softened the blow of leaving certain things I valued behind.

I was able to spend 3 months that summer with my family in Aledo, and then move down here to Austin in an RV, outside of the city. RVing is a full-time lifestyle I’d always dreamt of trying out and creates a lot of flexibility as a working musician. Being outdoors more often is peaceful and breeds inspiration.

Congratulations on the iTunes charts!!! That's so exciting for you to be climbing the charts with the single!

Thanks! With all the streaming services focused on playlisting, it’s nice to stores like iTunes still keeping a chart to recognize artists. It also helps when they emphasize the countries gravitating to certain songs. So far I’ve got a few tracks that charted in the US, Mexico and Poland!

Leave us on a high note Danny!

I’ll say to anyone out there who is an aspiring musician, or has big dreams in any career field, you owe it to yourself to create opportunity! Start small and work logically through the process. There are a lot of comprehensive music career coaching mechanisms out there and a lot of them are free on YouTube. Before you know it, you will realize that your own commitment level is the main variable to success and happiness for an artist. Don’t be afraid to get your unpolished ideas out there or play your first gig. Show the world who you are now, work with lots of different artists, and improve upon yourself each day forward.

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