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If you've been watching Emily in Paris, you may have listened to Fans of Jimmy Century without even knowing it. Their song "Va Va Voom to the Moon" was featured on season two of the show and as of today, has two thrilling new remixes available as part of their Va Va Voom to the Moon (Deluxe EP).

Las Vegas based duo, Fans of Jimmy Century, consists of Alicia Perrone (vocals) and Victor James (bass). They find inspiration from many different genres as well as eclectic characters and retro film styles. The music video of the original "Va Va Voom to the Moon" release encapsulates all of these interests and is definitely worth a watch for new listeners. There are two remixes included on Fans of Jimmy Century's Deluxe EP of "Va Va Voom to the Moon" -- the "Dirty mix" and the "French Cafe mix". Both remixes offer an entirely unique vibe, allowing the listener to enjoy the song in whichever style suits their current mood. The "Dirty Mix" embodies a gritty, psychedelic style, featuring resonant percussion and static-filled synths. Perfect for a warehouse dance party, this remix is ready to elevate the mood, especially on the dance floor. On the other side of the coin, their "French Cafe mix" is perfect for a chill night at home or a date in a quiet French wine bar. Seductive yet unassuming, this version of "Va Va Voom to the Moon" transcends the everyday cafe-style by maintaining ethereal, swirling qualities in the production. Whether you prefer "Va Va Voom to the Moon" in the "Dirty Mix" or "French Cafe mix", there is sure to be something for everyone on Fans of Jimmy Century's new Deluxe EP.

Starting today, you can check out the Va Va Voom to the Moon (Deluxe EP) on Spotify!

And as if the new music wasn't exciting enough, Fans of Jimmy Century are also preparing for the relaunch of their Vegas residency in addition to more, forthcoming music releases. Keep an eye on their website,, for updates!

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Reviewed By: Natalie Powers

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