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Producing The Big Picture: Statik G

Statik G is an American musician as well as an entrepreneur who has over the years redefined himself as one of the most ingenious and strong-willed people of the music industry.

Hi Statik G! When you look at all the music you have made, what is the big picture for how you want your artistry to be seen?

When I released my first studio album, I had an epiphany to start fresh and evolve my artist name to Statik G, accompanied by a vision with 7 album titles. I didn’t have specific dates but knew the final title (Gene Therapy) was to release on 12/02/2021 and that’s when I’d begin my healing and transformation into my next arcs. All 7 album titles spelled out STATIK G and had some weird prophetic way of telling me what would happen in my life before I ever knew. For example Intelligent Design dropped the same year my first baby was born and was the year I started coming back to God. The following album, Kill or Be Killed would be the album my people betrayed me and left me for dead. I could not have predicted that! Haha Since Gene Therapy was released and the “prophecy” has been fulfilled, I’ve decided not to tap back into that and to watch life and music grow together without a timeline to interpret. As it comes. That said, my next album Empathy continues the next two Arcs, Gesus and Derrek, where the two cross after Statik G to create my true self. It probably makes no sense hearing on paper, but yes there is a bigger picture most don’t even realize yet. I want people to see my growth and development and tie it to theirs so we can all heal together. I’ve walked through Hell for better or worse. But I came out stronger and purified. I think if folks can follow me and strive to be good people, we can change the world for the better without losing the things that make us the rockstars we are. That’s what I want to do with my music: add new perspectives, save lives and change the world for the better. But also, do not take life so seriously and have fun with it while we do! You challenge the status quo, how did you identify your purpose for the music you wanted to put out?

Ever since I first started writing, my music was my therapy. Fans message regularly about how it saved their life or got them through hard times. Those seeds bore fruit and that’s become my main purpose. Before I realized that I wanted to represent personal growth on all levels, I used to want to be the best rapper. So it was always about setting the bar high for myself. As someone who only competes with myself, I never had a moment where I stopped competing or trying to be my best. I always get back up, even when I don’t want to. That’s what I represent, and farther I go, the higher I climb. When you create your body of work, are there boxes you must check or does everything evolve as it should be and you allow for the checklist to not be completely checked?

Every project is different so they have different boxes creatively. But technically speaking I definitely have a strict set of boxes to check before I consider a project 100% done and ready for distribution. I am not so strict that I won’t totally change an entire project last minute if I feel it’ll serve the creative purpose or business potential. Almost every project I’ve dropped is not what I expected it to be but I’m happy with where they all ended up for the most part. Could you give us some insight of what your checklist does look like if you have one?

I like songs to be well rounded with a good message, sound, and vibe. Catchiness, impact, if it would bode well as a live song or bedroom music, or if it’s better in the car or a club. I’ve never really gone checklist mode on making music but it’s there mentally; if it’s not done ya gotta keep working till it is! On albums it’s a lot more specific because each song has to meet criteria, then the album has to flow like water, top to bottom. So I take all these little vibes and messages Into a bigger picture. If I can’t listen to it without noticing something I’d change, it’s not done. After that I have to make sure the album fits into my catalog as far as where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going. Like building a clock I’d imagine. Who are you paying homage to for your vision as an artist? I always like to credit those who showed me the way without knowing me, artists like Eminem, Tech N9ne, Jelly Roll, Tupac. But major credit also goes to the women in my life. Because I’ve always strived to be the best man I can be for them, from my fiancés to my exes to my daughter and my mom to my future wife. I believe they’ve shown me how to be my true self. Even if some may have not been patient enough to stick it out with me, I appreciate every one of them like a flower does a gardener. You are a visionary, please keep us in the loop of what your plans are for more music and WHERE you are headed next for your fans to connect with you? Absolutely! I can be found everywhere Music is sold and streamed as well as other spaces like crypto/NFT, business, teaching, merchandise and more! It’ll all come together some day in a big way, but for now stay posted and enjoy the ride! Socials: HTTPS:// @StatikGShit - IG

@StatikGesus - Twitter

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