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Trevor James is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Trevor's love for music arose from his time playing in high school bands with friends (initially with the sole intent of trying to impress the ladies), though he soon found himself feeling a genuine passion for writing, recording, and performing music. Upon graduating, Trevor put music on the backburner to focus on college studies. However, in 2019, Trevor rediscovered his love for music after trying his hand at solo acoustic style music. Starting initially with cover videos, the success of Trevor's talents saw him quickly amass an impressive social media following, which inspired him to have a go at writing his own material.

Trevor’s first EP “Breakthrough” was recorded entirely in his makeshift bedroom studio and was released in late-2020. One track from that EP (“Rendezvous”) then went on to feature on local radio station 97.9x Rocks, as well as popular Philly station Alt 104.5, where Trevor was also interviewed and performed live in Spring of 2021.

Trevor released his much anticipated single "Again" in June 2022, followed by "Comfort" in August - both of which he got the opportunity to perform on the Wish USA Bus in Hollywood, CA that same month. Look out for more to come from Trevor later this year!

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to of yours right now? Fans of mine should be listening to my two most recent singles, "Again" and "Comfort" (links to the official music videos), and I truly hope they enjoy what they hear! How has the reception been to new music? The reception to my new music has honestly been great! I always welcome constructive feedback but the reception to both of my newest tracks has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. What are you looking forward to most when it comes to the new music? What I'm looking forward to when it comes to my new music is definitely the chance to share it with new crowds and a new audience anytime I have the opportunity to perform live. Whether it's at a gig, an open mic, or even just live-streaming online, I'm just really excited to share the new content with everybody and really gauge the reactions of people who've never heard it before. Additionally, performing a song live gives more flexibility to modify or tweak it in a fresh exciting way, and add that bit of live authentic spice to it. What was the intention set for your music? The intention set for my music was really to put these raw genuine feelings and emotions out in a way that people can hear and hopefully relate to, nothing more complex or complicated than that. What was the most important message to impart with your music? The most important message I felt to impart with my music, in particular my newest single "Comfort", was that no matter how things may appear on the outside, every single person goes through some kind of difficult or stressful period in their lives where they crave comfort - that emotional, mental, physical peace. I wrote the song in a similar period of my own life, and it might sound corny but playing and writing the song genuinely gave me this feeling of comfort that helped pull me back to a better place. What music do you put on when you need some good inspiration? I've been trying something different this year than in years past; when I need some good inspiration, I've actually been finding random compilations of classical music lol. More often than not the classical pieces I hear are not even familiar to me, but it's so uplifting and inspiring to listen to the compositional genius of these super talented composers. It just feels easier to concentrate and focus while this kind of music is playing (side note: I wonder if that's due in large part to there being no vocals in these songs to mentally distract the listener). What is a song of yours that you have on repeat right now to set the mood for the rest of this year? The song of mine that I have on repeat right now to set the mood for the rest of 2022 is actually a secret up-and-coming release (shhhh)... I can't reveal any more info just yet

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Leave us with one word for our audience to think about when they are listening to YOU:

The one word I'll leave for the audience is: Positivity

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