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Getting all the info on Reina Mar's music now and music coming up!

Hi Reina! Thank you for this interview! We want to know all about your music!

Is it difficult to release new music?

I think releasing new music always has its challenges but it’s so worth it when you finally finish and release a song and can’t help but feel so proud and accomplished.

How did the song come along?

“Back to You” was actually a song I began developing at the beginning of 2021 . I had some lyrics in what I call my floating lyrics folder from years back that I wrote when I was in a very vulnerable place after losing someone that was no longer in my life. I usually glance at this folder of lyrics that don’t belong to any songs, when I am feeling inspired to write. I found these lyrics and as soon as I read them, a melody came into my head and I began writing the song in my car.

Was there a moment you wanted to change something in the single?

Absolutely! I constantly want to change things all the time after I write since I tend to overthink and overanalyze things so I definitely had those moments with “Back to You” Thankfully, I am surrounded by a great production team that snap me out of the second guessing and reassure me it is fine just the way it is.

Would you consider yourself a perfectionist?

Yes! I used to be super super hard on myself to get things perfect the way I wanted them especially with my music but I’ve definitely gotten a lot better the more I’ve worked on projects. I’ve realized that music is beautifully imperfect and is not meant to be perfect. At the end of the day, listeners will have a different opinion or perspective no matter how perfect I think the song is or not. I just make sure I do my very best in creating the sound I am going for and I am content with the song.

You have more music coming up! Can you tell us about it!

I am in the works releasing another single called “Time” that is really paving the way for me to write a new EP about the concept of time and how valuable it is to all of us. I am also in some collaborations with producer Mic Massive who was featured on my Debut EP as well as other artists!

What is advice that you are so happy you've learned along the way of your journey?

I’ve learned that all the obstacles and failures I have gone through were experiences in my life I needed to go through to grow as a person and to become the best version of myself that I could be. I am a very spiritual person and I’ve learned to trust that God and the universe are leading me on the right path.

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