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Travis Reigh's music is country with a rock twist!

What hot sounds in the city should fans be listening to right now?

The fans should definitely be listening to the latest single, “On The Water”. It is my latest release and has been doing great on all streaming platforms. This song is great for people who enjoy a good party country song on the lake. With fall time upon us, I have a great new song in the mix with my team for the change of seasons.

You're currently out on tour. How has the reception been to new music?

It has been great! Our sound is a very popular country style with a rock twist. We tend to write music that others can relate to.

What has changed performing now vs. in the past?

I would say a lot has changed. I take things very seriously, this being my full-time career. I love to interact with the crowds, dance with them, talk with them. The whole performing experience is great. When you start off you don’t know how things will go until you go for it.

Where is your favorite place to go and perform?

Unfortunately, I have played some really great places so it’s hard to narrow it down. However, playing in my hometown in Virginia is awesome because you know everyones name and the experience is very humbling.

What are you looking forward to most when you sit in front of an audience?

Honestly, just reading people's reactions. I love to see people really get into our music, sing along to it, and leave the venue going “WOW” this concert is great. I love to get really into singing for the crowds to take over whatever worries they had that day.

What was your very first performance like?

Shocking as it was, my first performance was in my middle school days at a talent show. I took on many instruments and drums was my choice and the time. Being a showboat it ended with me doing a 5 minute drum solo to end the song.

How can fans go to see you LIVE?

My fans can be anywhere on the east coast and usually find us. All concerts are listed at

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